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Welcome to the Site. Ralph passed away in 2010 but his ideas live on.... AND his Reader-Board continues to spread the message of liberty and limited government. Some of the message are above, but many more can be found by clicking the appropriate link.

Before Ralph died he was able to complete his first book No Wonder We Lose - Vol. 1 The second volume was close to completion and is now available for purchase to complete the set. Click the link for more information about each book.

There is a wealth of information on this site. The Libertarian message, free-market principles, property rights, and common sense ideas - all compiled to bring you to an understanding that every nation, throughout history, that has embraced statism, has ultimately collapsed. That is not to be negative - that is simple a statement of reality. The solution is, and always has been "a government that has set limits and exists only for the purpose of protecting rights" (as opposed to the redistribution of other people's money and/or property).

The Pragmatic Side of Principle in Pursuit of Public Policy